Dave's Story About His Failed Ford FG  Transmission

Dave just purchased a Ford Falcon FG Utility with 100,000 kms and within a  few months of driving his ute, he noticed a puddle of what looked like chocolate milk coming from under his car. He then opened the bonnet and found it was coming from the coolant bottle overflow.

Ford Falcon By Pass Cooler
Ford Falcon Milkshake.JPG
Ford Territory Milkshake


Ford Falcon Heat Exchanger Failure

The Crack in Heat Ex-Changer where trans fluid and the Coolant were mixed

Coolant Pipe

Trans Fluid Pipe

He later learned from his mechanic that the heat ex-changer that keeps the transmission cool had failed. This condition is also known as "The dreaded milkshake". When the heat ex-changer develops an internal crack caused by metal fatigue from the numerous pressurized heat cycles it goes though it's lifetime. Some ex-changers don't even last 30,000 kilometres from factory so coolant concentration or corrosion is not the root cause. Eventually one day coolant will flow into the automatic transmission causing instant irreversible transmission and engine damage. 

This video shows how the coolant is mixed with the transmission fluid causing it to overflow out of the cooling system.

Dreaded Milkshake on a Pan

Dave's Milkshake Transmission 


Transdoctor Bypass Cooler

Healthy transmission with by-pass cooler fitted

For Dave to get the car back on the road again, he had to replace the transmission with a reconditioned unit, have a bypass transmission cooler fitted and the engine's cooling system flushed clean. The total cost for Dave's 4 speed auto car was just over $2000. However if he had a 5 or 6 speed version of his FG Ford, it would've cost him about $4000. 

Dave contacted his friend Steve who owns a similar car to warn him of the danger of heat ex-changer failure and to Dave's surprise, Steve already knew about it from the Ford forums. Steve went on to tell Dave that Transdoctor in Thomastown had already fitted a PWR by-pass cooler as well as servicing his 6 speed ZF transmission.

Transdoctor Melbourne
PWR XL Bypass Cooler

Transdoctor install PWR Brand By-Pass Coolers measuring 28cm X 28cm which is the largest one they make, so you can have peace of mind knowing the costly milkshake will never happen to your Ford FG/BF/BA Falcon or Territory with 4, 5 or 6 speed automatic.

*This cooler is also ideal if you want to tow caravan, boat or trailer and avoid overheating the transmission*

PWR Cooler
You can expect

Australian made #1 cooler

Cooler takes half a day to be fitted.

Courtesy car provided ( if needed )  

Find out which transmission you have ( 4, 5 or 6 speed )
4 or 5 speed transmission will have a silver handle
6 speed transmission will have a leather handle
Difference between 4 & 5 speed Transmission
While shifting your gears manually, you will see a gear value in the tachometer. The maximum value displayed will be the same speed transmission in your car.
Following video is a reference to a 4 speed transmission. 
*A 5 speed transmission vehicle will display 5 in top gear*

FORD FG/BF/BA/AU Falcon & Territory

4 speed by-pass cooler cost is $650

4 speed transmission service $200

or do it together for $800 


FORD FG Falcon

5 speed by-pass cooler cost is $650

5 speed transmission service $300

or do it together for $900


FORD FG/BF Falcon or Territory

6 speed by-pass cooler cost is $650

6 speed transmission service $440

or do it together for $1000 

"Don't be like Dave, Be like Steve and have a PWR Transdoctor By-Pass Cooler fitted today and avoid the Costly Milkshake"
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